5 NEW YEAR FEEL GOOD FOOD HACKS FOR BUSY MUMS. So here it is, a New Year! Full of ambition and unknown adventure. After the fun and frolics of the festive season, it’s a great time to reflect and refocus. Many of us think about how we want to better ourselves, better our relationships, better our children… While we’re feeling energised and ready to face the year ahead, don’t forget about ‘you’. Not you as a mum. Or a wife. Or a girlfriend, daughter, sister, best friend, colleague, boss or anything else. But ‘you’, simply YOU. In this busy world, juggling motherhood with work and running a household, that certain ‘you’ can often get caught up and a little lost along the way. Try to let that ‘you’ enjoy the life you live, and be the ‘you’ that you’d like to be.

After all the indulgence of Christmas, many use the New Year as a trigger to change eating habits. We’re not jumping on the latest diet craze here, signing up to any programmes of promise, or pulling out any flashy foodie philosophies, we’re just wanting to make good honest nourishing food choices. So no extravagant resolutions, just 5 simple ways with food to ease you out of the craziness that was Christmas, and into the new you that you’ve promised yourself you will be. Whatever that looks like, nourishing from the inside is a great start. so here goes, 5 NEW YEAR FEEL GOOD FOOD HACKS FOR BUSY MUMS…

  1. Using up those Christmas leftovers.

    Making fresh, nutritious food choices is always hard at the end of a long day… with a microwave meal, bar of chocolate and large glass of wine calling your name! Use up those Christmas leftovers to make some great frittatas or mini quiches, and pop some in the freezer for later, serve with a generous helping of salad and voila, dinner done! Babies and toddlers will love a fritter or pancake with some extra grated veggies thrown in, or some delicious leftover ham. Use up the stuffing by combining with mince to make patties for the whole family to enjoy, with some pumpkin or sweet potato fries. Yum!

  2. Rationing the sugar. 

    As in most households across the country, you’ll be doing your best to be ‘good’ whilst still being swamped by Christmas chocolate and tempting leftovers. One of my favourite things to do (and the kids can get involved too) is to make your version of rocky road. Gather all the sweets, biscuits, nuts and goodies from the festive season, add in some marshmallows and coconut, and mix it all up with melted chocolate into a rocky road-esque treat! Great for any unexpected visitors, taking round to friends, or just an easy way to ration out the sugary leftovers. If there’s still more treats lying around, whip up some frozen bananas to make ‘ice cream’, another great holiday activity with the little ones. They can then top with their Christmas goodies, and at least you know they’ll mostly be filling up on banana goodness :)

  3. Make an outing out of eating out. 

    We all enjoy a morning latte, a lunch date with a girlfriend, or a brownie in the afternoon, and sometimes (ok, often) all three! There’s no need to straight up deny yourself, just try to combine a bit of exercise with it. How about a walk to fetch your morning caffeine fix, rather than jumping in the car? Or pick a cafe close to a park, have a stroll through, a play and a picnic, or hop off the bus a few stops earlier! Rather than treating the kids to ice cream, take them to the pool and enjoy some play time, followed by that ice cream of course! Make an outing of it, enjoy the fun and laughter, plus you’ll be more likely to make those food choices you promised that ‘you’ of yours :)

  4. On the run

    Food on the go means ultimate preparation, and so much easier to grab a cheeky drive-thru when you’re pushed to the brink! Planning ahead and carrying an array of wholesome snacks is one of the best tactics… never letting yourself (or your little ones) get too hungry. Think dried fruits, crackers, bliss balls (if you have the time for homemade, then even better!). If you’re craving some endorphins but need to drag the kids along too, then get out for a stroll in the fresh air, and ply the kids with snacks to keep them entertained in the pram. Sultanas or cereals are great for keeping little fingers busy while packing in the nutrients.

  5. Organisation is the key! 

    Always easier said than done (and then executed), for some this will fill you with dread, whereas for others you will be in your element! We’re talking about planning your weekly meals, writing those shopping lists (and sticking to them once you get to the store!). All it takes is paper and a pen (or a spreadsheet for the more technologically advanced). Divide your week up, pop in any special dates or outings, and pick your meals. Maybe introduce some new traditions… Friday could become your family pizza night, a great way to wind down from the week together. Or how about curry Thursday? Thai, Indian, whatever the fridge allows! Getting that bit organised will help keep you making great food choices, clear your head, and give you an excuse to buy some pretty stationery too! Avidiva have a great ‘Very First Diary’ so you can not only plan, but chart bub’s feeding routines too.

Happy New year everyone… hope it’s a great one for that ‘you’ you’re craving to be!

Check this out 5 NEW YEAR FEEL GOOD FOOD HACKS FOR BUSY MUMS over at Little One Mag… https://littleonemag.com/3262-2/

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