Hey mama! ? Thank you so much for stopping by… it’s good to have you here lovely. I hope you love our curated collection of all natural, non-toxic products for mums and babies.? Our goodies are perfect for the everyday, but also stylish enough for gift giving too. If you need some inspiration, see our range of gift boxes for baby showers, new mamas and welcoming new arrivals. We’re ever evolving our range to help your little ones through tough times too (think sleeping and teething!), as well as curating boxes of goodies for mums at different stages of #mumlife too ?.

A bit about me

I’m Caroline (obligatory pic above!), the biz mama behind Avidiva. When I’m not working, I can be found at yoga, enjoying cappuccinos and chats, or on the sofa with a glass of red and some sea salt lindt ?. I’m mum to my two little tykes…  both were born early (30 weeker and a 34 weeker), each with their own drama, un-fun pregnancies, eventful births, NICU stays and general not such great starts to life (or indeed, motherhood!). Safe to say I am so VERY lucky they are both here, pretty healthy, and (most of the time) happy ?. This biz keeps me inspired and passionate to bring you the best I can find to help us mamas raise happy, healthy little ones.

I love a good bit of research and am passionate about sourcing the best in natural goodness while keeping it stylish too. We (me and my babes) try, and we test EVERYTHING! We source locally, supporting small makers and also search around the globe to bring you the best in natural, non-toxic and organic goodies. Based in Perth, WA, we are all about the little treats while still being 100% safe… and that is what we are super duper proud to offer you! A collection that is perfect for the everyday, but good enough to gift too.

Our babies are oh so precious and vulnerable… their innocence deserves the very best starts we can give them ?. We have curated a collection of products and gifts that really deliver their promises. Being free of nasties, grown organically, and sourced ethically… they are all able to provide natural solutions to looking after mini humans. And this is what we love!

I hear ya mama ?

We know how hard these newbies can be, and we provide a range of products that makes it just that little bit easier. Knowing that all the products are at the top of their game in safety, as well as style, helps put your mind at ease.

Whether it’s a baby shower present, a gift for a new arrival, a birthday treat, or simply just a special little something, we gift wrap and send all our goodies with love…  ? We hope you enjoy and love our ever evolving range as much as we do! We do bespoke, we do custom, and we do personalisation… if in doubt, just ask. We will do our very best to find you exactly what you are after and curate a box that is just what you need.

Don’t forget yourself, lovely ?

Among our collection you will also find organic products for mama bear ?. We truly believe that mum needs a bit of looking after too (we do all the hard work!). So if you are buying a gift for a new arrival, be sure to pop in something to treat mum too… she will be so very grateful for that extra special thought. If you’re here for your bub, then spoil yourself! *whispers* “you’re doing an amazing job lovely”.

Be sure to drop us a line with any questions, stalk us on Insta, or find out where we’ll be popping up next on Facebook. We love for you to be part of our journey, and we love to see your mini ones grow and flourish too!

Here’s to happy, healthy little ones, and their wonderful mums… ❤️

With love, Caroline xx

Natural, non-toxic luxuries for mama & babe.