Australian Grown Chia 101

Australian Chia Breakfast

Australian Grown Chia 101

Australian Grown Chia 101

Chia Seeds.

You are probably sprinkling it all over your salad , or blending it with your favourite smoothie already. Or, you may be thinking…. hmm… Chia what?!! So here we go, your Australian Grown Chia 101.

These little seeds of goodness have been referred to as super foods and wonder seeds, and rightly so! Chia seeds contain the highest combined nutrition of dietary fibre, omega 3, protein and antioxidants from any plant source. That is one pretty impressive suite of accolades!

Where do they grow?

Australian Grown Chia

Now, here’s something you probably didn’t know… Chia seeds can only grow optimally 40 degrees North or South of the equator. Think Chile and Argentina, where it is native in Latin America… and here, right on our home soil in Australia!



Australia, has in fact, only just started growing Chia seeds in the last ten years. The hard work and passion of our dedicated Australian farmers bears fruit (or seeds, haha!), as we now get to benefit from the beautiful nutrition of homegrown Chia.

So where is the location of choice for this superfood Chia??

Up in the Kimberley – in Kununurra, Western Australia.

They have the perfect fertile soils and LOTS of sun. They are planted in April/May, grown and nurtured over the dry season and then harvested in August/September time.

Chia Seeds are super easy to incorporate in our daily diet, but quite tricky to farm! These seeds are thirsty at time of planting, but a little amount of water during harvest will ruin the crop! Kununurra provides the ideal environment to grow Chia seeds, thanks to the abundant water supply from Lake Argyle and the long, hot and dry harvesting season. In fact, Australian grown Chia Seeds have been tested by third party laboratory, and proven to contain the highest levels of omega 3.

Australia is now the world’s leading irrigated chia producer.

Omega 3 (ALA) from Chia and other plants are vital to heart and joint health. Do not get this confused with omega 3 (DHA) that is derived from fish!! These are two different kinds of omega oils (but both as equally important!). The Heart Foundation recommends one serving of plant-based omega a day, and at least twice a week of omega 3 DHA (from your fish!).  The good news is, just a tablespoon of chia seeds meet the Daily Recommended Intake of Omega 3 ALA!

How can I add it into my diet?Chia pudding breakfast

Not quite sure how to eat chia? Don’t worry. Chia does not really have flavour.

You can add onto savoury soups and salads, or fruity smoothies and it would not affect the taste. You will continue to enjoy your meal while giving it an instant nutritional boost. That’s got to be a big thumbs up!

If you’re on a vegan diet, it can work as a great egg replacement as it’s got a natural binding tendency. That’s how come all these chia puddings have such a lovely consistency, the chia just soaks up and absorbs all the moisture that’s thrown at it!

So next time you are heading to your food store, grab a bag of Australian grown Chia seeds. You’re not just eating the world’s highest quality Chia, you are also supporting our community of farmers in Western Australia.

You can add it into your skincare regime as well… and perfectly natural (and nourishing) for bubs too!

We’re supporting Aussie farmers here at Avidiva with the gorgeous Kiss Ready range of chia based skincare, oils, balms and bath soaks for little ones and their mums… all made from chia seeds grown in Kununurra. Now how’s that for loving local!? Thanks to the lovely Lou from Kiss Ready, for all her hard work and dedication to bring local back, and to help spread the word about the greatness of chia (for bodies inside and out!).

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