Baby Bath Toys Without Holes


Baby Bath Toys Without Holes



Do your children love a good bath?!

Sploshing, splashing, playing with the bubbles!? It really is a great way for them to explore through all their senses… and a great way for mama to allow a bit of messy play (without having to clean up afterwards)! Yep, we know how you think ;)

From tiny little bubbas, kids love the feel and sensation of water on their skin. Reminding them of that simple and peaceful time spent in the womb. Safe and secure bobbing along next to mamas heart beat, no scary world to face, no over stimulation. No worries about where the next milk will come from, or if they are safe enough to nod off. Aw, really was the life hey?!

So when they come into the world, as mamas we love how relaxed and content they feel in a warm bath (just don’t so much love the piercing screams as they feel the chilly air and don’t want to get out!). As our littlies progress from the sink, to the baby bath, to maybe a baby support or seat, and eventually into the big bath all by themselves (supervised of course!), we watch as they learn to squirm, splash, sit, kick, blow bubbles… the list goes on!

All along the way, there is always a bath toy of sorts in sight! From a simple bottle to pour water, a sponge to squeeze, a friendly rubber ducky, or a mega bubble blowing machine. Our little loves are never far from a favourite toy!


Baby Bath Toys Without HolesWe know how long these toys hang round, how many baths they are thrown in and out of, and how often they are popped into exploring little mouths. So we’ve done our research and sourced you a range of simply adorable origami boats that are 100% safe for your bubs, and guaranteed to keep them entertained through their bathing years!

Those toys with holes become a hidden mould trap. Impossible to dry out, the bacteria just multiply and grow (and then get squirted into the bath water, or worse, into little mouths!!). That’s why we’re so excited to bring you these baby bath toys without holes!! And not only hole free, but made from all natural, sustainable, non-plastic material.

These beauties are made out of 100% pure rubber from Hevea trees. Designed in Barcelona, and ethically made in Morocco by Oli & Carol (a fabulous sister duo!). They are an all in one piece with no holes to allow bath water to come inside. As a result they are perfect for soothing gums, wonderfully hygienic, safe to chew and biodegradable. They make for perfect baby bath toys!

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