5 Ways To Boost Your Energy & Mama Mindset


5 Ways To Boost Your Energy & Mama Mindset

How are you feeling mama? Want to crawl back into bed with a good book, or just to actually sleep?!  Jenine from Mums With Bubs Fitness shares her top 5 ways to boost your energy and mama mindset. An expert in pregnancy and postpartum fitness, Jenine offers both online, at home programs as well as her sessions around Perth. She even has a FREE home workout video for you to download on her site and covers much more of these mindset in her new mama lifestyle program :)

You’re a Mama.

Which means that when you’re exhausted (which is likely to hit you almost daily), you can’t just lay down and have a sleep. If you get the chance, by all means take it! But for the majority of us, finding enough energy to continue on in our ‘patient-Mum’ voice, and with a smile, can sometimes feel a bit, err, challenging…

When I feel this way, these are a few ways I get out of the rut, and onto adventure (or at least the laundry pile!). Take a peek at my top 5 Ways To Boost Your Energy and Mama Mindset:


On days I’m in a funk like this, it can often be because I didn’t start it with a healthy breakfast. Sure, coffee made it into me – that’s a non-negotiable – but somehow in the morning rush of getting the kids sorted, I forgot myself. This is easily fixed with a protein-packed smoothie – my favourite blend
includes avocado, spinach, banana, almond milk, protein powder (if breastfeeding, make sure its breastfeeding safe – I use Juice Plus Vanilla Complete mix), and ice. Blitz it up and a one handed, nourishing breakfast is ready to go!


On days when I start out exhausted, its tempting to just stay in my PJ’s all day. But then the kids start to go feral, and I remember that lounging around the house with a 4 and 2 year old isn’t exactly relaxing. Nope, not at all. Its like they sense that it’s what I want to do, so not even Frozen will keep them still or stop the whinging! Not only does getting dressed motivate me to be productive, it might even motivate me to go to the park. Or at least, preps me for a potential playdate. Bonus points if you get dressed in active wear ;) just in case you get out for some exercise! Which leads me to point 3…


A dance party to the Wiggles. Frog Jumps with your kids in the living room. Smash through the vacuuming. Get outdoors and into the garden. Go for a run around the block with the pram. Head to the park. IT ALL COUNTS LADIES! Your heart will start pumping, the oxygen will get into your muscles and brain, your circulation will increase, and the endorphins (AKA those ‘happy hormones’) will start flowing. Bring it ON.


Not the kids music. YOUR music. Something that instantly makes you smile, or remember a happy time from ‘back in the day’ before kids. Something that you can’t help but get a little groove on to, or sing out loud to!


If just for 3 minutes, take it. I have a favourite Energy Inducing meditation which I use daily. It’s about taking a few minutes to yourself, attempting to find a quiet space, focusing on your breathe, and visualising yourself somewhere you absolutely love…ommmmmmm….and let your energy rise!

The next time you feel like you simply cannot get going, or find yourself wondering if another coffee (or early wine-time) will really fix your problems, try one of the above tips instead. Heck, if its that bad of a day, try them ALL!

So take action Mama. You’ve got this! Your body, mind, and baby will thank you.



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