Breastfeeding and Deodorant. Should I make a swap?

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Breastfeeding and Deodorant. Should I make a swap?

Ever thought much about your deodorant? Sue from SEssentials gives us a little insight into why we should consider switching to natural options. Especially when bub is snuggled up on the boob day and night…  

With our continued use of, and introduction to, excess toxins and chemicals, it is easy to become overwhelmed. We can get confused about what products are best suited to us as new mums, and our precious bundles of joy.

Through personal experience, I believe one of the most important factors to consider is our choice of deodorant.  Our little bubs spend a lot of time at the breast, whether for breastfeeding or just that special snuggle time.  So how do we avoid them inhaling unnecessary toxins?

Sweating is a normal bodily function which helps keep us cool and also rid the body of toxins.  Sweat does not causes body odour, bacteria does.

Breastfeeding and Deodorant. Should I make a swap?

Whilst pregnant and breast feeding, our hormones change.  If you are like I was, this means excess sweating and enhanced body odour (lovely, right?!).  It was due to this that I started my research into natural remedies for body odour.  I certainly had no interest in continuously lathering myself in anything that could affect my babies.

I came up with my own unique formula for organic deodorant! Not designed to stop sweating (after all, we need to sweat the bad stuff out!!), but to eliminate the bad odour.  I use the highest quality organic and natural ingredients to ensure there are no chemicals, additives or toxins anywhere near precious bub. The deodorant is contained to the underarm area, ensuring breast feeding and snuggling with bub is as safe and as toxin free as possible.  It can also be reapplied during the day if you feel the need to (I have never had to though I do occasionally blot any excess sweat away with a tissue).

Our recipe contains pure essential oils of Lime and Tea Tree. The scent of the essential oils is very subtle. They are not in the deodorant for fragrance purposes,  only for their anti-bacterial and odour neutralising abilities.

Make the switch mama, your body and your baby will thank you for it.

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