Settle Your Newborn In The Fourth Trimester: The Virtual Womb

16 hours a day. Yep, newborn babies sleep for at least 16 hours out of every 24 in the fourth trimester. Doesn’t feel like it hey?! Especially not when it’s divided up into 40 minute chunks, naps on the boob, broken up with nappy explosions, and inconsolable bouts of crying. After 9 months of being all cosy, curled up, warm and safe in mama’s tum, it’s no wonder sleep can be a tricky one for these bubbas. Babies have shorter [...]


Natural Teething Remedies (including essential oil blends)

Probably the cruellest invention by nature. I often wonder why we’ve evolved to let babies go through the agony of teething… I am sure there is a very scientific and proper explanation. But I think it’s just down right mean (on both babe and the parents too!). Babies get all 20 of their milk teeth by the time they’re 2.5 years old (on average), with the first appearing around 6 months. That’s a long old time of unhappy, inflamed [...]


Homemade Reusable Baby Wipes: How to DIY with Essential Oils

Baby wipes. They are a saving grace to have for just about anything… I think as a mum you really do learn to wipe up and clean just about anything with a good old baby wipe! But when you look at the ingredient list on a packet of wipes, it’s often a bit worrying the number of unnecessary chemicals and additives that make their way in there, and onto your babe’s bottom. When you hunt down the best for your [...]