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How To Prepare Toddler For New Baby

So you are preggers… YAY, BIG CONGRATULATIONS!! And you already have a toddler in tow… hello exhaustion levels 😴 Wondering how to prepare your toddler for the arrival of a new baby? How do you go from being a mama of one, to a mama of two? Does your heart grow? I think that can be the only answer…! ❤️ We’ve put together a list of our TOP 8 TIPS for you to help your little one transition from being the [...]



Looking for natural play ideas to entertain your little curious toddlers? It’s a tricky balance raising these mini humans in our world today. Surrounded by screens everywhere we turn, phones literally hanging off our palms, music, games and TV always a simple tap away. Nature activities are a wonderful way to embrace your inner kid, get away from the daily grind and put simple joy back into childhood. Getting out in nature never fails to ground and calm, even with [...]


Settle Your Newborn In The Fourth Trimester: The Virtual Womb

16 hours a day. Yep, newborn babies sleep for at least 16 hours out of every 24 in the fourth trimester. Doesn’t feel like it hey?! Especially not when it’s divided up into 40 minute chunks, naps on the boob, broken up with nappy explosions, and inconsolable bouts of crying. After 9 months of being all cosy, curled up, warm and safe in mama’s tum, it’s no wonder sleep can be a tricky one for these bubbas. Babies have shorter [...]


Natural Teething Remedies (including essential oil blends)

Probably the cruellest invention by nature. I often wonder why we’ve evolved to let babies go through the agony of teething… I am sure there is a very scientific and proper explanation. But I think it’s just down right mean (on both babe and the parents too!). Babies get all 20 of their milk teeth by the time they’re 2.5 years old (on average), with the first appearing around 6 months. That’s a long old time of unhappy, inflamed [...]


5 Ways To Boost Your Energy & Mama Mindset

How are you feeling mama? Want to crawl back into bed with a good book, or just to actually sleep?!  Jenine from Mums With Bubs Fitness shares her top 5 ways to boost your energy and mama mindset. An expert in pregnancy and postpartum fitness, Jenine offers both online, at home programs as well as her sessions around Perth. She even has a FREE home workout video for you to download on her site and covers much more of these mindset in [...]

The Top 3 Benefits of Pretend Play

The Top 3 Benefits of Pretend Play

A little piece about the goodness of wooden toys and the wonder of imaginative play… from the lovely Fern at TeaCupKids. Home to the wooden nail polish set… a fabulous eco-friendly toy for encouraging hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and encouraging correct pencil grip too. Ah-mazing!! Read on for her thoughts behind the benefits of play… The Top 3 Benefits of Pretend Play Play is something in which all humans engage, although the purpose for and the type of play may [...]

breastfeeding mum natural deodorant

Breastfeeding and Deodorant. Should I make a swap?

Ever thought much about your deodorant? Sue from SEssentials gives us a little insight into why we should consider switching to natural options. Especially when bub is snuggled up on the boob day and night…   With our continued use of, and introduction to, excess toxins and chemicals, it is easy to become overwhelmed. We can get confused about what products are best suited to us as new mums, and our precious bundles of joy. Through personal experience, I believe one of the [...]

is my make up safe to use in pregnancy

Is My Make Up Safe To Use in Pregnancy?

When you’re growing a new tiny human, it’s good to think about what you’re putting into your body, as well as what you are putting ON it! And that includes your daily slap routine :) There is no need to go ‘au naturale’ just because you’re sporting a bump… but it can be good to swap out some of your regulars for more natural and organic alternatives. IS MY MAKE UP SAFE TO USE IN PREGNANCY? Guest post from the [...]

thank you mum collective 2017


SHOP SMALL. SUPPORT LOCAL MAMAS: THE MUM COLLECTIVE IN 2017 This year has been BIG for Avidiva. We revamped our website. We’ve grown our collection and become home to some great international brands, and are proud as punch to be stocking even more small, local businesses too. Plus, we launched The Mum Collective. On a personal note, I have had a huge journey with infertility, miscarriages, and a high-risk pregnancy (more about all that another day). But we got through it [...]

Unsettled Baby. Could It Be Christmas Colic


UNSETTLED BABY. COULD IT BE CHRISTMAS COLIC? Time to spare a few thoughts for those newborn babies this festive season! So we’re all getting into the festive spirit, decking the halls, cranking the Mariah and trying to be as jolly as possibly while barely functioning on only a couple of hours of broken sleep… not just us, no?! There’s presents to wrap, cards to write, advent calendars to open and guests to keep merry. And there’s also your gorgeous little newborn bub, [...]