Champagne, Motherhood & All Things Gluten Free

Champagne, Motherhood & All Things Gluten Free

Hi there to all our lovely Avidiva Family!

It’s been in the pipeline for a little while now, and we’re super excited to announce that we have a very special guest who’s going to fill our blog (and bellies!) with yummy, delicious, and nutritious recipes!! Here at Avidiva we’re all about nourishing little ones from the inside out… we love to give these little guys the best start we possibly can. So no better way than to look after hungry bellies too! We’ve teamed up with the lovely Stacey from Champagne & Gumboots who shares our passion, and is all about gluten-free! This was something really tricky for us as a family to convert to when we found out our little one was intolerant… so here’s hoping these delicious ideas lend you all a helping hadn (gluten free or not!) and get you motivated to be a goddess in the kitchen :)

Without further ado… we present you.. Miss Stacey…!!

Champagne, Motherhood & All Things Gluten Free

 Hi, my name is Stacey and the gorgeous Caroline here at Avidiva has asked me to share with you a few of my favourite recipes to get you through these cold Winter months and out into the sunshinyness that is Summer. Before we get started though with all the yummy goodness I wanted to tell you a little bit about me. 

I am a 29-year-old Wife and Mum to an adorable, cheeky, and wild 15-month old boy and we are currently living in rural Western Australia. I’m a Work at Home Mum with my own blog and a small biz making handmade goodies. I am a country girl, born and bred and after 7 years of city living my husband and I decided to move home to raise our little family. Through the journey of returning back to the country where both my hubby and I were raised, building our ‘dream home’ and the righteous adventure that is parenthood I learnt a few things. One of which is that I am Gluten intolerant… a damn shame I can assure you as I am an avid baker and lover of all things sweet and carb-loaded.

This whole gluten intolerancy started off as a pain in the butt, but after a few years I have come to enjoy aspects of it. The big thing I learnt was that not all gluten free food has to taste horrible, and I’m not saying you need to wash it down with a glass of champagne to mask the taste either… though well it’s not a bad idea! But there are lots of ways to be healthy, bake and eat yummy gluten free food and feed your family all the while them being none the wiser to your gluten free ways! Now don’t think “Oh I’m not gluten intolerant, none of this will be for me…”Because you can trust me when I say IT IS!!!

I am here to share some really simple, yummy family recipes that your kids will eat (they’ve been tried and tested!) but that can be easily adaptable to gluten free. So whether you are gluten intolerant or not, or if you have a friend or family member that is these recipes I’m going to share with you are going to prove that cooking gluten free is not only easy but damn yummy too! So grab yourself a glass of champagne…because why not… and let’s get cooking! 


img-2094 lemon-drizzle-cake-5

Some tasty treats (all gluten-free!) from Stacey’s kitchen…

Stay tuned for some fabulous recipes coming straight out of the oven and landing fresh on the blog! :)

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