Easy Peasy Toddler Friendly Chicken Nuggets

Easy Peasy Toddler Friendly Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Easy Peasy Toddler Friendly Chicken Nuggets

Hi folks, it’s Stacey here from Champagne & Gumboots… and I’ve got another fab (and seriously easy) recipe for you today. Easy Peasy Toddler Friendly Chicken Nuggets Recipe.

In fact, I’m even a little embarrassed to call it a recipe because it’s so dang simple. But on those days when it’s just all too hard and the kids don’t want to eat what you’ve put down in front of them, you can whip out these little nuggets and be guaranteed they’ll eat them.

Oh I know, I know, what have I done! I’m guaranteeing you that you kids will eat this for dinner and you won’t feel bad about it AT ALL.

We’ve all been there, though right?


IToddler Tantrums at Tea Timet’s 5pm, the kids are running riot around the house, you’ve opened a bottle of wine because, well, hey, you don’t actually need a reason! And that age-old question rears its ugly head…. What am I going to feed the monsters for dinner?

Que melt down.

Off the top of your head you can think of at least half a dozen great meals to whip up… BUT, one child doesn’t like tomato sauce at the moment or anything even resembling sauce… one won’t eat anything green, and one simply won’t eat what you put down in front of them, full stop.

So, what do you do?

Well I know what I do. I either make what I want them to eat and fight for the next hour to get it in their stomachs or I whip out the trusty frozen fish fingers…. Or worse, take a drive through Macca’s for a nugget fix.
Yup. Not great, but hey, it beats them going to bed hungry, right?

So what if I told you, you could get them to eat their dinner without complaint…?!  Feed them something they’ll love, have them clean off their plates…. and you won’t feel guilty about giving it to them!

Enter the seriously easy peasy, healthy chicken nuggets… 3 Ingredients is all you need, and less than 30 minutes to get these golden secret weapons on their plate.

Bonus points as they can be frozen too! All you have to do is wait until they have fully cooled and then bag em up and freeze, whack them back in the same temp oven for a few minutes until they’ve re-heated thoroughly and you have yourself one easy dinner for the next time it’s all just too hard!

healthy chicken nuggets with salad

Easy Peasy Toddler Friendly Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Serves: 3-4
Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 20-25 Minutes

½ cup Coconut Cream
1 Cup Breadcrumbs (I used gluten free ones to make them suitable for me too!)
400g Chicken

  1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius and line a tray with baking paper.
  2. Buy whatever chicken is on sale, it doesn’t matter whether it’s breast or thigh fillets for this. Cut your chicken down into small nugget sized pieces. Caveat: They won’t look like Macdonald’s nuggets, just a little more “rustic”. Also keep in mind the bigger they are the longer they’ll take to cook.
  3. Add your coconut cream to one bowl or Tupperware container, ready to go. Throw the breadcrumbs into another and create a factory line with them. Chicken first, cream second, breadcrumbs third, baking tray last.
  4. Want to jazz your chicken nuggets up a little and make them more adult friendly? Try adding a teaspoon of smoked Paprika or dried Rosemary to the breadcrumbs to take them to the next level (oh yeah!)
  5. Now start dipping! Cover the chicken pieces thoroughly in coconut cream, before tossing them in the breadcrumbs. Be sure to press down on them to get a nice thick coating.
  6. Place onto your baking tray and pop them straight into a hot oven. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until nicely golden brown all over, give them a quick turn at about the half way point too.
  7. Serve with or without a nice salad and a dollop of mayonnaise or tomato sauce to tide them over. God forbid it’s too healthy!
  8. Pour yourself another glass of wine and enjoy not only a yummy chicken nugget, but the peace and quiet that ensues!

Let us know what you think! ‘Till next time…

Stacey, Champagne & Gumboots x


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