Find Joy In The Little Things

Find Joy In The Little Things

Find Joy In The Little Things

How do you find joy in the little things? How do you even find those little things in the first place?! What is it that makes your heart happy?? Well we got chatting to the lovely Klara who has created a beautiful collective, all about just that. Inspiring women to find those little things and to live every day enjoying those bite size pieces of joy! Get to know her a little bit better and be sure to head on over to Her Happy Heart…

1. So, tell us, who is @herhappyheart?

Her Happy Heart is a women’s lifestyle blog. We have a mission to inspire women to live their best, most joy-filled lives. We’re written by a team of four Perth girls (YAY!). And our posts cover topics on parenting, travel tips, features on awesome women, local events and businesses, recipes, DIYs, our thoughts on life, and pretty much everything in between!

2. Can you describe your biz in 3 words…

Fun, encouraging, growing :)

3. Why do you do what you do?

Her Happy Heart began as my own personal blog many years ago. I have blogged since I was 20 (10 years ago now!) in some way, shape or form… you’ll find pieces of me all over the internet! I’m a joyful person, and I believe that everyone deserves joy in their heart. So this year I began planning ways to get that message out via my blog. I put together a small team who shared my vision, and in August we re-launched Her Happy Heart as a collective. We hope to reach and encourage as many women as possible with our positive, honest content.

4. What have been your best biz moments so far?

Because we’re still growing, much of our content doesn’t get a big audience. But we have had a couple of really popular posts that have had a great response and a wide reach on social media. When that happens it feels so good knowing that lots of people are seeing your content, and people are being encouraged by it. The first time we had a super popular post, the traffic crashed our website!

5. What does a typical day look like for you?

Well, I’m a stay-at-home Mum to a 14-month-old little boy, so much of my day involves following him as he walks laps around the house, and trying to make him eat his veggies! But he has a good 2-3 hour nap in the morning, which is when I bust out my laptop and frantically try to keep on top of my work! Most nights I will put in an hour or two after he goes to bed too.

My husband Chris sometimes brings work home, so we sit at the dining room table together and get on with it. Plus my Mum and Mother-in-law are truly amazing and will babysit pretty regularly when I need to put in some extra hours… at least once a week. On any given day I could be editing posts, creating feature images and images for social media, curating content on our Pinterest, researching popular hashtags, managing our post schedule, reaching out to people for features or guest posts, creating recipes and DIYs, and trying to have an original thought to blog about! I also write freelance for another website which adds to my load! Luckily my team are AMAZING at sticking to deadlines, coming up with their own ideas for content, and jumping on Instagram to do a quick post, so I know I can rely on them!

Happy Heart Baking6. What’s your ‘me time’ go to?

I love reading other blogs, I love cooking, and when I need to shut down my brain… Netflix is my best friend!

7. What’s your favourite day of the week, and why?

Definitely Sunday… we go to Church together as a family (depending on our son’s mood! Ha!) and spend the afternoon relaxing as a family. We might go out for lunch, take a walk, go to a park, or put on a movie. It’s the only day I really try to slow down.

8. What does your perfect date night (or day!) look like?

For me, there is nothing better than going out for lunch kid-free and being able to have a proper conversation with Chris, with no distractions! I can spend days building up things that I need to talk to him about, and between our work schedules, tiredness, and the chaos of parenting a toddler, it’s crazy how hard it is to just sit down and talk! A sunny day, a good lunch and uninterrupted conversation – it’s the dream!

9. Can you give us a favourite quote?

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” – Annie Dillard

10. Any ‘mum fails’ you’d like to let us in on?

Never. I’m the perfect parent! (Hehe). Truthfully there are many. Giving my son curry to feed himself, and him rubbing it in his eyes – that wasn’t thought through at all! Filming him just as he face-planted on the wooden floor and busted his lip – well done me! (Side note – it’s a truly horrible video to watch but I don’t want to delete it because he was so cute up until that point!) Leaving him unattended for a minute so I could finish working on something and finding him sucking on our dog’s dirty food bowl – parent of the year! I could go on, but I do want to keep some level of parenting dignity intact!

You can find Klara and her team at or keep up with the latest on Insta @ Her Happy Heart.

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