Happy healthy mummies make the world go round

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Happy healthy mummies make the world go round

Happy healthy mummies make the world go round?! I reckon!

As new mummies it’s a whole crazy world out there. Suddenly we are no longer who we used to be, we can’t squeeze back into our old life… we have a whole new job, new role, and really, whole new life! It’s often hard to connect with our new identity, and definitely hard to find time to not always be ‘mum’.

We were super excited to stumble upon the wonderful Joanne who has put her heart and soul into helping mummies regain a part of themselves, through living healthy and active lives. Along side this she has designed and created a range of active wear for pregnancy, nursing, and beyond… just for us mummas! Learn a little bit more about her here…  mummactiv

1.So, tell us, who is @mummactiv?

Mummactiv is a new activewear line especially designed for Pregnant and Nursing mothers. It combines fashion and function to create active solutions for Mums on the go. I created the line after being frustrated that there was not a lot of fashionable solutions when mums wanted to be active.

2. Can you describe your biz in 3 words…


mummactiv3. Why do you do what you do?

Because I want to help Mums to stay stylishly active. During pregnancy your body changes, making it hard to fit into normal clothes… the options for pregnant woman is to stretch pre preggo clothes. I want to empower Mums to feel comfortable so that they can easily combine fitness/activity into their new role of motherhood.

4. What have been your best biz moments so far?

Seeing my designs on @activewithdana @nadiamuller and @nastiafit – three inspirational fit mums who ooze the core values of what MUMMACTIV is all about! YAY!


5. What does a typical day look like for you?

Get up early do emails/business tasks, get ready for work whilst trying to stop my 18 month old from painting his hair with mascara, get him ready for daycare, go to school/daycare-educate our future generation, fit in a training session, pick up my monkey, 40 min walk pre dinner, bath/bedtime routine, business tasks before chilling-bedtime!!!

6. What’s your ‘me time’ go to?

My ‘me time go to’ is the gym- I shut off and focus on me.

7. What’s your favourite day of the week, and why?active wear for mummas

Sunday because I don’t have to run anywhere and it is ‘family fun day’… where we spend quality time together before family dinner that night with my family :)

8. What does your perfect date night (or day!) look like?

Picnic with my favourite nibbles, bottle of wine, overlooking a favourite spot.

9. Can you give us a favourite quote?

‘Nothing is impossible’

10. Any ‘mum fails’ you’d like to let us in on?

Not attending to my child during the night when he had spewed once- I thought he was whinging like he does quite often!!

You can find Joanne at Mummativ here.

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