Baby fever is running rampant.

I swear it was only yesterday when we announced that we were pregnant, the first in our group of friends at the time. Now though? My god babies are everywhere! It’s fabulous of course but it does beg the question ‘What am I going to buy for a Baby Shower gift”!

Now when it was just a close friend of ours that announced their baby news I was beyond excited to start buying bits and pieces for her and the little one. Possibly a little bit too excited as I may have gone a tad overboard with presents (hehe), but I was a brand new Mum at the time and I had all these wonderful things I wanted to share with her! The problem started when another lot of our friends made their baby announcement, I was still excited of course but I felt a little bit lost as to what to buy her and then another close friend announced their baby news too and another and another. And gah! It suddenly became way too much!

I did put together a nice little gift pack for the second friend (who’s now had a healthy baby girl) but I felt like I was just going through the motions, I wanted to come up with something beautiful and practical and then it came time for me to put together the last gift pack (well for now anyway!) and I just kept thinking what on earth am I going to buy them. Now I know before I had my own child it was even harder to think of baby gifts as I just had no idea what a new Mum or Bub actually needed and now I have too many favourite products and stores and I get so confused about where to start that sometimes I need a little helping hand.

Since I feel this way surely others must too, so I thought why not impart some ideas and see if it might just help you collate the perfect baby shower gift next time you need it. So here is my How To on creating the perfect baby shower gift box.

How To Put Together A Beautiful Baby Shower Gift Box

Nappies, onesies, bibs, outfits, baby ugg’s, receiving blankets, swaddling blankets, dummy clips, bottles, moisturizers for mum, beanies, knitted booties, swaddling sacks, sleep sacks………..

Seriously the list of potential gifts could go on and on and on.

What I plan to do today though is to share some of my favourite little baby shops and products and help you put together a gorgeous little gift for your next baby shower. The thing about baby showers gifts is they need not be expensive or elaborate. They need only to come from the heart and have a little common sense about them.

Now excuse me for saying this…. but I really hate it when people buy baby gifts without putting any thought into it! Like here, have this gorgeous fuzzy bear suit. For your baby born at the beginning of summer. In a size 0-3 months! Yup totally not sensible and it’s just going to end up in the cupboard having never been worn.

That’s why I like to buy practical, simple items but instead of mass produced, cheap ones from a big chain store I like to make it a little bit more special by buying small and local and especially handmade. So that was my game plan when I started thinking about what to buy a friend of ours for her upcoming baby shower and I figured you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous little gift box of goodies.



I love simple but dreamy designs.  You generally can’t go wrong with a onesie but always think about the size and what time of year it is that the baby will wear it. Example: Don’t buy a long sleeve onesie for a bub born in summer! Instead think about how old the baby will be come next winter and buy the size up. There’s also nothing worse than receiving 400 baby outfits that are all in the same size 0000, so definitely change it up and get one in 000 or even 00.


Knee high socks are just so cute! Gah! I remember this one episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ that I think is just so true. If you know the show you’ll probably know the one I’m talking about, but it’s where the whole cast turn into big sooks over the smallest little baby sock. I mean there is just something about baby socks isn’t there? Just so damn cute!


You can’t go wrong with neutral tones like mint and teal for classic and practical items like these.

When I say think practical I truly mean it. So often as a new mum or mum-to-be you receive piles of soft toys, toys that rattle, toys ‘just to look at’, outfits that will only be worn once and so so so SO many receiving blankets and swaddles that you go a little bit batty! What I love to give is practical gifts like dummy clips and teething rings because seriously what Mum has ever not used one of those and there’s nothing better than receiving something uber practical that is beautiful too. I know it’s hard to ignore all the cute baby gear around the shops but sometimes it’s the most practical presents that win out, I know it certainly did for me!

Baby shower gift shopping just got easier with Avidiva here to help you out. Pop on over for the dummy clip and teething rings pictured plus a huge range of other items Mum and Bub are sure to love.

Where to shop:

If you are anything like me you are time poor, I mean who isn’t these days? So I know you’re probably thinking right now, I love all of these suggestions but I just don’t have time to go and source all of them. Well I’m about to make it so much easier for you.

3 words. One. Stop. Shopping.

If you are after a fabulous range of natural baby products for any and all occasions then you need to swing by Avidiva. They have done all the hard work for you and there is a huge range of beautiful items that you could easily pull together to make the perfect baby shower gift/birthday gift or just because gift. In fact the gorgeous dummy clip and teething ring pictured above came from them! Now how easy was that?

A personal touch:

Now if you know me you’ll know I prefer to always add something that I have made myself. Be it a card, a little knitted blankie or a bunch of baby beanies I’ve whipped up. I just think that adding a little personal touch to any gift can make it mean so much more. In this case I popped a little yellow and green knitted beanie in (we don’t know the sex of the bub yet so I went neutral) that I whipped up earlier and if you’d like to do the same you can find the pattern here.

So to finish it all off I popped in some cute green tissue paper and wrapped it up. I do love a little gift box vs. one big gift (that’s from a giver and receiver stand point too!), I mean who doesn’t love to receive lots of little goodies especially when they’re as cute as these.

Also don’t feel like you’re limited to these items either. You could easily go on the hunt through Instagram or your local markets to find some more fabulous small businesses too, I’m sure you’d find a tonne of gorgeous things to make up your own gift box. Check out the hastag #handmadeinaustralia or similar for great local, small, mumma-run businesses.

What are some of your favourite things to give for a baby shower gift?

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