Non Toxic Living. 4 Easy Toxin Free Alternatives from the Low Tox Fox.

Non Toxic Living

Non Toxic Living. 4 Easy Toxin Free Alternatives from the Low Tox Fox.

Non Toxic Living. 4 Easy Toxin Free Alternatives from the Low Tox Fox.
We have been taking some time to reflect on our little journey, and got chatting with Amy from the Low Tox Fox about hers! She’s made a huge lifestyle change over the years, and bit by bit replaced her chemical laden household products with toxin free, natural alternatives. Amy is nourishing her body after years of suffering from endometriosis, going through many surgeries, and has found that living a low tox life really does help heal. Pretty inspiring! She’s here to give you a bit of a low down on how you can do the same, and the top nasties to look out for… thank you Amy!

Amy Low Tox FoxI recently started on the journey to remove all harmful chemicals from my house and wow, what an absolute minefield it turned out to be! The more I researched the more I felt disbelief! How is it that companies can get away with putting questionable ingredients in the products we put on our skin every day?! Chemical bi-products and cheap preservatives that cause possible respiratory issues in my face cream… um no thanks! Even worse is the thought of using these chemical filled products on babies and children. I get really worked up at some big brands who market their products as being safe and even gentle for children (and then pack them with toxins). I’ve replaced nearly 100% of my cleaning and personal care items and you know what I’ve found most surprising? Toxin free products are similarly priced, and often cheaper than their toxin filled alternatives.

Non Toxic Living. 4 Easy Toxin Free Alternatives from the Low Tox Fox!

Here are 4 products I highly recommend you swap out for a toxin free alternative…


  1. ToothpasteJack and Jill organic toothpaste for children

Most toothpaste contains sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) which is what causes it to foam and bubble when you use it. SLS is also used in carpet cleaners, engine de-greasers, car wash liquids, and machine wash detergents (woah there!). All because it’s highly corrosive and can remove oil and grease… probably not something you want in your, or your children’s mouths! Another scary thought is many medications used in an emergency (such as a heart attack) are sprayed under the tongue, or between the cheek and gums.  This is because it’s a very quick way to get it into the bloodstream… Knowing this I just can’t stomach putting chemical filled toothpaste in my mouth. I recommend you switch to an SLS free alternative like this one.

  1. SunscreenNatural Lifestyle WOTNOT Natural Sunscreen

It’s quite scary how many harmful chemicals are in conventional sunscreen! These are actually then absorbed more easily once the sunscreen heats up, um… no thanks! Oxybenzone is probably the most common harmful ingredient. It can cause allergic skin reactions and may disrupt hormones. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has detected oxybenzone in more than 96% of the American population, based on a representative sampling of children and adults… scary stuff. Instead of using nasty toxins, natural sunscreens use zinc oxide to filter out the sun’s harmful effects, like this beautiful option from Wotnot.

  1. Cream

In my quest to remove toxins from my life, I’ve read MANY ingredient labels! I’m so surprised to see parabens still being used. Parabens have been publicly demonised as a possible carcinogen, and most companies have stopped using them. However, some companies still sneak them in. I also find most creams contain fake fragrance (labelled as either parfum or fragrance). These have been shown to contain endocrine disrupting chemicals, which is absolutely not something you want to be putting on little people’s skin. As someone who has battled with endometriosis, I’d highly recommend avoiding parfum/fragrance… this lovely salve is a much better alternative with just naturally nourishing ingredients and no natural cream and balm

  1. Moisturiser

Our skin is our biggest organ, we absorb a lot through it which ends up in our bloodstream and liver. Have you ever actually looked at the ingredient list on your moisturiser?! It’s scary how long it is… and how unpronounceable some ingredients are! If you saw that long chemical list on your food, would you eat it? This was one of the first things I changed as it’s a product that covers a lot of my body, I now use body oil naturally scented with essential oils. My whole beauty routine is like a trip to the day spa. This body and massage oil sounds amazing!

This all sounds a bit scary (and a bit like everything is trying to kill us!!). But I assure you there are some awesome companies around doing the right thing to help with non toxic living. You don’t need to freak out. Once your current products run out, just replace them with a beautiful natural alternative. Super simple, and no freaking out involved!!

You can find Amy hanging out on Instagram here… and you know where we are!! xoxo

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