Natursutten Natural Rubber Teether Toy STARFISH

Natursutten Natural Rubber Teether Toy STARFISH


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Bub in need of some serious gum relief?!


These 100% hevea rubber teethers will do just the trick, and you can be rest assured they are 100% safe. Made from one piece of natural rubber, no space for nasties to hide, and approved to the same high quality as the Natursutten soothers.


Winner all round!

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Natursutten Natural Rubber Teether Toy STARFISH is perfect for when baby’s first teeth erupt. The gums are often tender over the erupting tooth tip. It can hurt (a lot!) and also be pretty uncomfortable for the child.

To reduce discomfort and soothe the baby, it may help to ‘bite down’ on something.

Natursutten Natural Rubber Teether Toy STARFISH

Many parents are looking for alternative teether toys. Ones that do not use plastic or other potentially harmful materials.  That’s why these products are made from pure natural rubber, 100% from the tree Hevea brasilienses.

This means they are free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, lead, nitrosamine and other harmful chemicals.

This Teether Toy can reduce the discomfort of teething. It gently massages the gums, helping teeth eruption and relieving pain.

This cute starfish shaped teether is made from one piece of pure natural rubber. It complies extraordinarily to the same strict requirements of the Natursutten soothers. Therefore you can be rest assured it’s 100% safe for your bub.

CE approved

Organic, natural alternative for teething

No allergy causing substances.

No artificial colours.

The teether is free of PVC and BPA. 

This teether avoids effects of substances used in some soothers such as:

* Allergy causing substances
* Artificial colour
* Hormone disturbing substances
* Chemical softeners
* Parabens, PVC and phthalates.


Natursutten products are Made in Europe.