Toddler Tints Car Shade Window Tint SPOTTY DOTTY

Toddler Tints Car Shade Window Tint SPOTTY DOTTY

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A fun gender neutral print… great for learning colours!!


These toddler tints are one of the best inventions EVER! We love how easy they are to apply, how good they look, and how they give great UV protection to little ones. No more flapping shades and draping swaddles!


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Toddler Tints Car Shade Window Tint SPOTTY DOTTY.  The funky, educational alternative to car shades! Toddler tints™ are a removable film applied to the inside of the window to protect children from the sun, and have been UPV tested to Australian standards.

Toddler Tints Car Shade Window Tint SPOTTY DOTTY Features:

No more annoying gaps for the sun to creep in.

Long lasting and durable… your curious little passenger cannot pull them off. Nor will they flap, fade or deteriorate over time!

They offer 50% heat reduction, and also protect against approximately 54% of UV rays.

When driving, the toddler tints appear totally transparent. This ensures perfect visibility for the driver with no more ‘blind spots.’

Children can of course see outside the window too. So parent-child interaction, as well as education, is guaranteed.

Best of all, the toddler tints™ are black on one side, which means they are invisible from outside the car. They have a cute print on the inside, visible to your child. Dads loves them as it means the look of the car is totally unaffected!

Toddler tints can be applied to existing window tinting as well. They can also be easily removed at any time.

The product is a universal fit… it just requires self application, much like a sticker to the inside of your car window.

They don’t affect window functionality … you can still wind the window down.

Each toddler tint measures 600 mm (h) x 800mm (w). One tint will cover one passenger window (plus a bit extra!)

Step by step instructions are provided to help achieve that perfect fit for all window shapes and sizes.

How many come in a box?
Just the one.  Each toddler tint™ purchase of $39.95 includes 1 large sheet which is intended for application on 1 window only. Each sheet measures 600mm (h) x 800mm (w).

Will it fit my car window?
Each toddler tint measures 600mm (H) x 800mm (L) and you cut to size.  They’ll fit the majority of car windows, even those with a separate side/quater panel. They are also great for frameless windows.  If you have a large car window we suggest you measure it to ensure the correct fit.

Can I still see out the window?
YES! Toddlers love to see what’s going on in the world outside, making toddler tints™ the ideal answer.  Most importantly they do not block the view for mum or dad in the drivers’ seat, this even applies to night driving.  No more having to worry about blind spots when changing lanes.

Can you see it from the outside?
NO! Completely invisible from the outside, those who don't want the look of their car to be affected will love this aspect the most.

Can I still wind down the window?
YES! toddler tints™ are applied to the inside of the window and do not affect the window functionality.

Will they protect my child from UV Rays?
YES!  toddler tints™protect against approximately 54% of UV rays, as rated by ARPNSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency).

How do I apply it?
EASY! Instructions for self application are inside, or you can watch the step by step video on the Toddler Tint website. Anyone can do it.

Will it damage my existing window tint?
NO!  They can be applied over your existing car window tint and as long as you follow the simple application and removal instructions, it will not harm your window tint in anyway.

Do toddler tints™ need to be removed when I take my car through the car wash?
No. toddler tints™are only applied to the inside of the window so no need to worry when taking your car through a wash.

Can the toddler tints™ be re-used?
No. Once you remove them we don't recommend being re-used as we cannot guarantee their adhesion on consecutive applications.