Baby safe silicone wood teething products. Put your mind at ease and know that we have sourced the best in top quality teething toys and goodies to help soothe those sore gums. Teething is quite possibly one of the worst times for your babe (and you!)… the sloppy drool, the red cheeks, rashy chin, lack of sleep, fussiness when feeding… it’s just no fun! We’re here to help with stylish, safety tested teether toys that are perfect for your babe, and make great gifts too. Using buttery food grade silicone, and natural beech wood our teething products are top quality and super on trend… babes love them too!

Safe Brands

We have sourced goodies from brands meeting (and exceeding) mandatory safety standards for teething toys . You can be sure they are 100% safe for your babe. Our Australian designed  brands include Kippins, OB Designs as well as the wonderful NatureBubz.