Teething Survival Kits


Yep, that word!! Did it just make your toes curl? Your face screw up? Send a shiver down your spine…?? No wonder mama! #TeethingSucks

When you’re preggers, no-one mentions this taboo topic. No-one warns you of the grizzle monster your baby will become (or the explosive nappies!). It’s probably best otherwise we may just stop reproducing all together 😆 Seems to be that this teething fairy likes to pounce just when you’ve got yourselves into some sort of rhythm (or dare I say… even a routine?!).

But fear not… our Teething Survival Kits are here!!

I have been SUPER busy researching, chatted to hundreds of other mamas just like you (who all turn white at the very mention of the ‘T’ word!), and tried and tested HEAPS of products.

Now we all know there is a place for the good old Panadol but sometimes we want to reach for something a bit more natural, and more gentle. If you’re anything like me, I bet you’re pretty fed up of raiding the pharmacy. Or dashing to the shops hoping there is something different you can try… and never really being sure what will work!

So it’s always great to have a tool kit on hand. A selection of products, tips, tricks and ideas to help you and your little one in the tough teething times.

So here we have it… Drum roll, please…🥁

The much anticipated launch of our well researched, tried and tested, natural, low-tox Teething Survival Kits. I am SO excited to bring these to you, packed full of amazing Australian brands and small businesses. All available with your choice of sparkling wine (yep, Mum’s very own ‘teething gel’ designed exclusively for us!) or organic herbal tea from The Tea Crowd.

Here’s to helping mums and their teething babes Australia wide… 🥂 Check out the range and be well on your way to surviving the terrors of teething >>>

* All Teething Survival Kits are currently available to pre-order and will ship 30 November 2018*