We’re Back!!

We’re Back!!

Keeping some of the old, and bringing in the new… We’re back!

Hi fam bam… we have returned and we’re more excited than ever to bring you a whole new level of Avidiva loveliness!

We have a brand new spanking site in the pipeline… as well as a gorgeous new logo… but don’t worry, it’s not all change and flash whiz bang stuff, we’re still bringing you the best of the bunch, handpicking the cutest of the cute and wrapping them up for your little ones to love and treasure.

So where have we been?

We have been offline for 5 whole weeks… a pretty long time (and it’s flown by so quick!) but hopefully time well spent so we can be back brighter and fresher than ever to bring you our best Avidiva collection so far.  We’ve packed up our family, our house, our much loved stock, and not only just moved our home and biz, but also skipped town too. So we flew to Perth, one bag each, entire house packed, Tony (the cat!) in boarding, and started house hunting… with a timeframe… of one week!! No pressure then mum (!!) We spent a week toing and froing, dodged a bad neighbour bullet, had a near miss with a grumpy landlord but finally managed to sign on the dotted line just hours before our deadline… and before we flew to Portugal for a wedding!

We spent a lovely 5 days in Lisbon… highly recommended, super fun city to sight see, tram hop, and sangria drink! Not so easy to navigate the hills, steps and narrow paths with a pram, but good fun to try! Then we headed north to stay for 5 days at my best friend’s wedding venue… she’s from England, lives in Sydney, and planned a wedding in Portugal (must have been bored hey!?) Anyway it was well worth it, completely beautiful… the setting, the weather, the venue, all just perfect (and I loved being a bridesmaid, getting all dressed up, having a gorgeous bouquet and being pampered just a little bit!) We also managed to sneak in some time to see my parents which was super lovely and much needed, plus always handy for a bit of babysitting too!

Homeward bound (always a longer than expected and mega tough journey!) we then spent a few days in a temporary place, had our cars delivered, adjusted to the time zone (yuck, jetlag!) before getting the keys for our new place first thing Monday morning! Phew! After a few hiccups (the stormy weather blowing open the bi-fold doors and all the rain coming in!!), all our stuff (and lovely stock) was moved in Tuesday, and Wednesday we were officially in!! Then the cleaning and unpacking commenced… and went on, and on, and still is ongoing! Even so, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and open up shop again (just because I miss it and my avidiva family too much!).

So here we are… a new place, a new chapter, a new neighbourhood to explore. For avidiva too, all of this, plus also a new look and feel, a refresh, an update and a soon to be a new site! So crack open that champers and have a glass with us… here’s to keeping some of the old, and bringing in the new!

P.S Jump on over to instagram for a discount code – super quick – only valid til tomorrow, yup, Friday! Just a little welcome back pressie from us to you :)


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