what to buy a new mum for herself


A new mum hamper? Some pampering gifts? All new mamas deserve goodies just for them! Wherever they are in Australia, we can send it straight to them. We’re here to take away the unknown and help you decide what to buy a new mum.

Becoming mum is a big BIG thing. Everyone’s journey and experience is a different one, but it certainly takes you to whole new level of worry, emotion and tiredness. Motherhood is filled with a huge amount of unconditional love, but it doesn’t come without it’s difficult times (and not to mention, sleep deprivation!)

With this new life to look after, nurture, and nourish, mum definitely needs to be sure to take time for herself too. After all, you can’t fill from an empty cup as they say ?.

We are ALL about the mamas here! Yes, the baby goodies are cute and we do love them too ?. But mama needs her fix of pamper, me-time and little treats as well (much deserved after 9 months of baby growing and who knows how many hours of baby pushing!)

So… what to buy a new mum for herself?

We’ve put together our top 6 most popular for you… all natural, organic and non-toxic products that you can gift to treat a new mama. These all make perfect gifts for new mums (or you can DIY your very own gift box from our collection):

#1. Nursing Pads

Now these really look after mama’s girls! Throw away the itchy, disposable pads and pop these on for some serious nipple comforting. They can be washed again and again (plus come with a handy wet bag for when mum’s out and about). Not only are they super soft and comforting, they are better for the environment too. The trickiest part is deciding which design to choose… See the range here.

#2. Nipple Balm

Yep, the perfect partner in crime to the boobie pads. This nipple balm is a lifesaver and mama will be sure to thank you for it. Those first few weeks of continual feeding, attempted latching and fussy bubbas certainly takes its toll on mum’s nipples. This balm protects and soothes sore, cracked nipples. Plus it doesn’t have to be washed off before feeding… one less thing to think about… WINNER! ?

#3. New Mum Hamper

Containing some of our faves, this hamper is full of new mum pampering gifts. A wonderful way to give mama some much needed me-time. Just beware, you may have to hold babe while she enjoys the peace and quiet. This is one of our all time TOP sellers! We love it as it contains all natural, organic goodies (of course) from local artisan businesses as well as a couple of our trusty go-to products (hello Badger Balm!). You can also DIY your own gift box by simply selecting the products you love, and we’ll do the rest for you… You’re welcome ? .

#4. Organic Herbal Tea

All mum wants is a good night of sleep. The tea doesn’t promise that bub will sleep through, but it does help mum relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Safe for breastfeeding mums too, there’s nothing quite like the comfort of a good cuppa. Made from carefully selected organic herbs, this tea is like a hug on the inside. ? Check out the range of teas here.

#5. Bath Soak

Nothing better than a long soak in the tub. This bath soak contains all the goodness for post-partum healing. With the perfect balance of Magnesium and Himalayan salt to help soothe, restore and recuperate. The body needs to take time to recover from birth, labour and pregnancy itself. A gentle, nourishing bath is such a good treat for mum to truly take some time for herself and drift away… The Hermosa Co range is available here.

#6. Mama Necklace

Mum may need to ditch her chains and delicate bracelets as curious little fingers have been known to tug and pull at these shiny things! Lucky we have a range of safe silicone and wood beaded accessories for mama to enjoy instead. Designed to be mum proof, perfect for the everyday and dressing up a plain tee. We love these beads for being little people safe too, and they make a great focus point for a nursing babe.

Hopefully this has given you some fab ideas to treat that new mama friend or family member. Have a browse across the site, and ping us an email if you have any questions. We ship all across Australia and send all our gifts in recycled kraft gift boxes, minimising the use of plastics and doing our very best to use eco-friendly packaging.

P.S. Bonus #7! We’ve also just added some essential oil roller blends to help with post-partum recovery. These would be a super lovely item to add to your DIY gift box, or to pair with a shower scrub for a little pamper gift. Check out the blends here.

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