Why Kickee Pants?

Why Kickee Pants?

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What’s the story?

KicKee Pants are a family run label born from the need to cherish and nurture little people, to embrace the single small moments that will become memories, and to truly celebrate innocence.  KicKee Pants has been created for babies and children, dedicated to their need to play and dream. Out of this passion has developed an award winning bamboo clothing brand, featuring themed collections and everyday basics that allow little people to explore and adventure in comfort (and style!)

Why the excitement?

A brand wearing its heart on its sleeve. It’s refreshing. It’s genuine. The designs are made for little ones. We love how thoughtful they are, full of fun and adventure while being true to little ones, letting them use their imaginations to enjoy every moment!

What are the benefits?

  • Seriously THE SOFTEST bamboo fabric
  • Made stretchy to ensure a great fit for super snuggles
  • Super cute, themed collections
  • A great range from onesies, coveralls, tees, shorts and winter collections too
  • Easy to get on (and off!)
  • Adorable bottom flaps on the coveralls – perfect for a quick nappy change
  • Superb quality that lasts (think – great for hand me downs!)

Why do I have to have it?!

It’s the best quality baby wear we’ve come across, and we’re so proud to bring it to you in Australia! Celebrities are dressing their babies in it (we may have to put up some sneaky pics!), babies have been reported to sleep better in it, it’s great for eczema or any skin irritations… the list goes on! It has taken the US by storm so be sure to grab your pieces while you can… just be warned, you may never look back!

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